My MS Journey - The Pain Behind the Beauty - amphotography


Numbness has been a part of my MS journey since the beginning. I experienced it in many levels and in different parts of my body, such as my feet, legs, arms, hands and areas of my torso. When I was in my worst shape before I got diagnosed, almost the entire left side of my body was numb.

The image I used for this symptom exemplifies not only the numbness, but something else called Dysesthesias. It's a hot/cold sensation on the area of the body. The sensation was so aggressive that it was like it was burning my skin nonstop. It lasted for days or weeks.

This was the only photo I posed myself for this project. My husband captured exactly the way I had in my mind. It was my first idea for this symptom since the beginning of this project three years ago. I knew I couldn't ask anyone else to go that far. I had to wait for the snow to come. There was no other way I wanted it to be. It had to be real to feel real.

I feel extremely glad that after being treated I didn't feel this anymore.

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