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Mood Changes

Mood Changes

It's impossible to have this disease and not have your emotions affected by the ups and downs along the way. The emotional changes can be triggered anytime. Sadness, irritability, worries, anxiety, depression are all common. My experience with those mood changes started very subtle and happened within the past 2 years. First I realized some sort of sadness started. It started out of nowhere. It was like a grief and that was enough to change my mood completely. I remember my husband looking at me and saying, "What happened? You were great 5 minutes ago."
I started analyzing myself in order to identify how the mood change was triggered. Then I try to stop it from happening because I knew that it would ruin my day and upset people around me. I was determined to not allow it. I learned to read myself.

Anxiety is what affected me most. I had a counselor for a while and now I take medicine for it. I thought I'd go crazy. My mind was restless with thoughts, questions and worries about everything. A simple question such as "who am I?" would run around my mind an entire day. I wouldn't concentrate in anything else because of this one single question. I was afraid, nervous and terrified about losing my sanity. It was one of the worst experiences that I had. I looked for help. It's very important to be open about what's going on and not be afraid to ask for help. I had great doctors that helped me to go back to myself and life goes on.

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