My MS Journey - The Pain Behind the Beauty - amphotography


Dizziness was the first MS symptom that happened to me and It's the one that frightens me the most. The sensation of the world spinning around terrifies me deeply. I still remember exactly how it happened the first time I experienced dizziness. I was spending summer at the beach with my family and friends. I was about 18. I was sitting by the kitchen table. It was just an ordinary day and suddenly my brain went into a fast and brutal spin. It felt as if my head was turning 360 degrees. It lasted only seconds but it scared me deeply. Somehow I acknowledged that something really bad had just happened to me and I wouldn't get the answer anytime soon. I'd pretend that nothing happened but I knew that it would come back to get me and change my life forever. I didn't tell anyone how I felt that day.

Two years later in the early morning before I woke up to go to work I felt it again. The dizziness was so intense. The bedroom was spinning and this time it didn't last seconds. I could barely even open my eyes. I was extremely panicked. I was laying down on my back and I remember holding onto the sides of my bed so that I wouldn't fall off on the ground.
It lasted for a week.

After that my life wasn't the same. I spent years trying to keep my balance, trying to keep that sensation away. I took medicines for other types of diseases, doing what I could to keep up with the job, college and life. It was overwhelming in all the ways you can imagine. I was diagnosed 10 years later after that.

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