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{Four Seasons Package}

This package is about collecting an entire year of memories. Four one hour sessions for the four seasons. After each session we'll give you up to 50 images in lo-res and 15 of your favorites in hi-res on a gallery online for download. This package includes a 32 page photo book at the end of the final session.

Fee: $200 each season

Total Price: $800

The fee can be paid at each session or as a one time payment of the total cost. There will be no refunds for sessions already shot if client decides not to complete the four seasons (unless the total cost is paid up front).

{1 hour session}

Perfect for Family, Pregnancy, Engagement, Senior Portraits or Child Portraits. It includes up to 50 images in lo-res and 10 of your favorites in hi-res on a gallery online for download.

Price: $150.00


{30 min. mini-session}

For some delightful little moments that you must save. Good for capturing baby's first steps, a sibling's love or any special little reason that you might have that can't be forgotten. It includes up to 25 images in lo-res and 5 of your favorites in hi-res on a online gallery for download.

Price: $100.00


{ Newborn Session }

Capture your baby's first days of life with this special session! Good for newborns up to one month old. But it is recommended to book the session within the first two weeks after birth so that the baby is more likely to sleep and relax and be more comfortable with posing. We have backgrounds and props to use, but are certainly open to using things that the parents provide. Can be shot in your home  or in ours. We use natural light as much as possible and try not to use studio lights. Studio lights can be too harsh and disturbing to the baby whereas natural light just looks, natural :) So if shot in your home, be sure there is sufficient light for the session. And be sure the home is plenty warm for the baby. The more comfortable and sleepy the baby is the better the session will be. It's important to remember to feed and burp your baby right before the session and loosen your baby's dippers  and clothes so he/she wont have imprint marks on the skin. It's important to have a relaxing atmosphere  without noise during the session to keep the baby relaxed.

The newborn session will be between one and three hours.

It includes up to 60 images in lo-res and 15 of your favorites in hi-res on a online gallery for download.

Price: $200


{Lifestyle Session}

Capturing the beauty of the little moments in everyday life. There's nothing more valuable and precious than moments with family. There are so many options for this subject. We're talking about a baking fun with your kids around the kitchen, a playtime around the coffee table or documenting a new season of your life...the possibilities are infinite.

Lifestyle session are made for that. We'll go on your home or your favorite place to document the moment and that means capturing natural images. No need to pose. It could happen a little direction but not in a way that could modify or interfere in what you're doing. Just be natural. We go with the flow and all the images in the end create a story itself.

This session takes a bigger investment of time than a regular portrait session but it's so worth it and rewarding for the simple fact that it's unique.